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    We at Water Life Publishing are...
    ...fearlessly committed to share Christ’s message of love and salvation
    and to unveil the deceptions of Islam,
    setting Muslims free with the Gospel truth.
  • Gospel_for_all_Nations_Tracts
    Gospel for All Nations
    Key beliefs of Christianity presented in a concise format
    to inform and educate Muslim readers
  • Christian Musics
    Fadia Bezzi
    Maher CD
    Maher Cover
    Christian Arabic Songs
    Inspirational and high quality studio-produced music
    by Arab Christian worship leaders and artists
  • Booklet
    Women in Islam
    The Qur'an and the Other
    Al-Taqiya: Deliberate Deciption
    The Sword Verse: Qur'anic Weapon Against Peace?
    Islam and the World
    Powerful introductions to Islam’s position
    on important and current social issues
  • Books
    The Qur’an and Islam
    Critical, comprehensive examination
    of the text and teachings of Islam’s holiest book

Women are Behind Bars in IslamWaterlife Publishing seeks to reach Muslims and Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) all over the world by publishing Gospel-centered, Bible-based materials to introduce them to the good news and teachings of Christ and transform them with His love and salvation.

Our materials, primarily written by former Muslims, are uniquely positioned to clearly communicate Christ’s message to Muslims because they are available in Arabic as well as English and other languages. Our books, booklets, Gospel tracts, and other products address, explore, and answer the questions and misconceptions Muslims hold about Christianity. Our relevant, high-quality, and language-appropriate materials are not only excellent tools to assist Christian churches and believers in their evangelical outreach to Muslims but also educate them about the lies and deceptions of Islam.

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