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The Quran Dilemma-Vol. ONE (English Version)

The Quran Dilemma-Vol. ONE (English Version)
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A book of terror or a book of peace? An inspired text or a political agenda? How is one to know the truth about the Qur'an? Where does one even begin? How can an English speaker ever hope to wade through the history, the translations, the sects, and the commentaries to begin making sense of the issues?

During the last decade, interest in Islam and the teachings of the Qur'an has grown globally. In order to allow Westerners to investigate the truth about Islam, this research text was translated from Arabic to give English speaking readers the opportunity to see the Qur’an with clear lenses that are not fogged by propaganda or missionary zeal. This book provides the background of the Qur'an in an objective manner . It also presents the text of the Qur’an with parallel commentary, addressing important issues that Muslim scholars have wrestled with throughout the centuries, shedding light on their attempts to solve them and giving a rounded view of the various schools of thought.

The critical approach in this book is inspired by the courageous tradition of those who have dared to analyze the Qur'an throughout history, while also incorporating the contemporary intellectual productions available in Arabic and foreign sources. The discoveries made through these scholarly critical methods are directed to non-Muslims and Muslims equally:

To non-Muslims who want to unravel the mysteries of Islam, this book presents information that Islamic resources rarely disclose--to allow those who seek the truth to comprehend the full picture with all its outlines, colors, and dimensions.

To Muslims who seek genuine choices far from the culture of “indoctrination,” this book opens a world of understanding to them, so that they can decide for themselves their intellectual and spiritual paths.

The Quran Dilemma (Volume One) – available now both in English and in Arabic - covers the first nine suras (chapters) of the Quran. The remaining suras will be covered in Volume Two, due for release in 2011. Articles and commentary found throughout this masterfully executed book – which explain and analyze each sura - are based on authoritative Islamic sources.

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The Qur’an Dilemma (Volume One)

This first volume investigates the first nine suras (or chapters) of the Qur’an. (The second volume, which will examine the remaining suras, 11-114, is currently in production and will be available in both English and Arabic in 2012.)

Each sura contains the text of the Qur’an complemented with these well-annotated elements: 

  • Introduction, which outlines major subjects and key political, historical, social, or controversial issues;

  • Critical analysis of key verses, which focuses on relevant historical accounts, linguistical errors, scientific information, and literary structure, coherence, and cogency;

  • Variant readings of certain verses, which highlight differences in syntax, word choice, and meaning among current common readings of the Arabic text, emphasizing those variations that differ from the codification made by the ‘Uthman committee;

  • Abrogated verses with analytical comments, which explain the ramifications of such nullified verses on their subsequent authority and understanding.

This volume also contains nine articles to provide readers with the necessary background and context concerning key topics and issues of the Qur’an, including “Compilation of The Qur’an,” “Women in the Qur’an,” and “The Qur’an and People of Other Faiths.”

The last section of this book contains a comprehensive collection of resources and references:

  • Selected Readings list to extend discussion on selected topics;

  • Selected Proper Names, a “Who’s Who” section providing brief bibliographical summaries of some of the mentioned Islamic scholars, exegetes, and historical figures;

  • Selected Definitions, a glossary of important Islamic subjects and other related terms;

  • Timeline and Maps, detailed illustrations that identify major dates in the early history of Islam and the Qur’an as well as provide a visual geopolitical representation of the Arabian Peninsula;

  • Subject Index to enhance and expedite reader access to the content;

  • Endnotes and Works Cited, the complete documentation of the Arabic and non-Arabic sources used in the research for this book.

Though The Qur’an Dilemma uses Islamic classical references to satisfy the scholar, this commentary is written in a fluid language that will interest, inform, and enlighten the average reader.


Order your English copy today of The Quran Dilemma, Volume One and discover the truth that has been waiting to be revealed for over 1400 years.   

Former Muslims Analyze Islam's Holiest Book
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