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The Qur’ān: Its View and Treatment of Non-Muslims (English Version)

The Qur’ān: Its View and Treatment of Non-Muslims (English Version)
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This book is one of several separate treatises included in the first volume of The Qur’ān Dilemma: Former Muslims Analyze Islam’s Holiest Book, a comprehensive commentary of Islam’s central religious text. By publishing these stand-alone articles in this format, readers can quickly learn the foundational teachings of Islam and discover how the Qur’ān addresses these and other provocative questions: Does the Qur’ān accept or forbid criticism? How does the Qur’ān view other religions? Did the Qur’ān’s view of other religions change during Muhammad’s life? What is the real meaning of the expression “People of the Book”? What is the treatment today of non-Muslims, who live in countries that apply the Qur’ān’s rules? What is the real meaning of jihād in Islam? Is it a defensive war to protect Islam or an offensive war to spread Islam’s dominance throughout the world?
Malek Meselmani
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