WOMEN In Islam: Honored or Persecuted? (English Version)

WOMEN In Islam: Honored or Persecuted? (English Version)
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Women in Islam: Honored or Persecuted?
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Women in Islam: Honored or Persecuted? discusses how the Qur’ān, the source of all personal status laws in Islamic countries, gives men supreme authority over women, and rulings prescribing fewer privileges and options for women in such matters as marital and legal rights, inheritance, and the afterlife.

This book is a standalone study taken from a series of books printed in three volumes. The first volume is published under the name “The Qur’ān Dilemma”, which contains many Islamic topical studies.

We are pleased to publish this study by itself, to answer many of the reader’s questions regarding women, including:

  • Why Muslim Women wear the Hijab?
  • Why Islam allows polygamy?
  • What is woman’s position within the family, and in society according to Islam’s rule and Shari‘a law?
  • Does the Qur’ān allow Wife beating or the husband’s violence?
  • What is temporary marriage known as Mut‘a Marriage?

This Study answers these questions and many others, to enable the reader to better understand the position of Women in Islam.

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