Taqīya: Deliberate Deception (English Version)

Taqīya: Deliberate Deception (English Version)
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Al-Taqiya: Deliberate Deception
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The principle of taqīya and its application is inherent in the Islam world. Characterized as “double-speak” by one critic and lauded by Shiite scholars as the “believer’s paradise,” the practice of taqīya since the time of Muhammad has profoundly impacted Islamic politics, culture, and society.

This book, an introduction to taqīya, will provide the reader with the necessary context and information to answer these and other related questions:

  • Does the Qur’ān support the principle of taqīya?
  • Why do the Sunnis and Shiites, two main Islamic sects, distrust and fight one another?
  • What is “civilization jihad”? Is it more dangerous than the kind of jihad advanced by terrorists?
  • Why do some leaders of Muslim nations today present often contradictory statements or positions?
  • How is taqīya used to exploit the services, education, and resources of Western nations?

This stand-alone study will be included with other relevant provocative articles in the soon-to-be-published Qur’ān Dilemma, Volume 2.

Mohamed El Tayeb
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